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Communication in my family. 

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Marie was supposed to be a supporting character in Beauty and the Beast who would play a vital part in the story. Unfortunately, she was never quick enough with the baguettes to learn her lines.
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Genie isn't really a genie; he's a Time Lord. He's TARDIS blue, he is able to travel through time and space to spit out pop culture references of the 90's, and his lamp is larger on the inside. Think about it.
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After realising he wasn't cut out for the genie game, Jafar faked his own death in the sequel in order to quit his job and pursue his actual dream of running a food truck. Rumor has it he's selling gyros somewhere in Budapest.
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And he’s not doing a good job of staying incognito, either.


Astroboy/ Homer Simpson


These are the bootleg Frozen figurines on eBay. I just can’t.

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First rainbow of the summer!

Played by the same person. Cannot unsee. #frozen #olaf #ilikewarmhugs #bookofmormon

How I feel at the start of every semester.

How I feel at the start of every semester.